Hi there!

My name is Lukáš Pastva,
someone know me as pastwo, some luki, some psw, but mostly just pastvoš, all of you, WELCOME!
This is my recent web / project. I had so many projects and domains, it is both funny and sad.

Tronic.sk is a thing, where I am creating "smart solutions". Mainly camera systems, smart home systems, lab power sources and some multimedia stuff.
It happened to be my passion since 2017 when I started to play with first NodeMCU and in 2018 obtained used Prusa i3 mk2.. since then I couldnt stop. Especially when it is so easy to draw a PCB and have it made in China.

However in section History you can find some of my old projects I am proud of.

Contact me via Chat, or mail.

Lukáš Pastva.

psw psw

My hobbies

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